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Thread: SimpleScripts and phpBB

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    SimpleScripts and phpBB

    I'm trying to do an update from phpBB 3.0.1 to 3.0.8. But I got an error that says:

    Installation No Longer Exists
    It looks like you have manually removed this installation. You can remove it from the list by clicking the "Remove From List" button on the Uninstall page, or if you have moved the contents to a different location, try the Location Sync utility.
    Show Debug (beta)
    [07 Apr 21:24] Manually set FTP Root Directory: htdocs
    [+1.386s] Testing "htdocs": success.
    [+2.964s] Looking for htdocs/forums
    [+0.198s] Could not find the directory located at htdocs/forums
    I've tried using the Location Sync but it doesn't appear to be working. The site works fine. htdocs does exist in my file system but phpBB was installed in its own folder at the root, one level higher than htdocs. Do I need to move my folder into htdocs? It could prevent it from working.


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    For files to be visible to the rest of the world they need to be inside htdocs - try re-installing inside htdocs.
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    You need to move it and it will definitely break unless you know what you are doing. Install a new 3.0.8 in /htdocs/forum/ and if needed restore your database templates etc to it.
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