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Thread: Pricing Facts

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    Pricing Facts

    For all of you considering signing up for powweb's hosting, please be aware of the following.

    Even though powweb has a special offer now of 3.88 a month for the first year and states their regular price is 7.77 a month, don't be fooled. Most likely after your first year you will be paying either 7.77 a month or better yet, 9.27 a month.

    Just as long as you are aware of the facts before you are misled by a somewhat misleading advertisement on powweb's front page.

    I am in no way bashing poweeb for this, I just want new and existing customers to be aware of the actual facts.

    Also, even though you may be a long time faithful customer, you are not entitled to any discounts that NEW customers get. You can try to talk to Billing about this and the best they will do is give you the "regular" price of 7.77 a month for a year.

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    This topic has been raised many times here, but as customers we can't change it the thread is closed.
    This is a Powweb customer
    helping Powweb customer forum.

    I am a customer just like you!!

    Some matters can only be answered by staff or support.
    Give it a go - ask here first!

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