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Thread: Best Spreadsheet solution for a website.

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    Best Spreadsheet solution for a website.

    On the Ohio greenhouse grower, you can look up commodity prices for a dozen markets for any given date.

    The problem I have with it, is it's kind of an ugly / plain html table.

    I'd like to replace it with a spreadsheet.

    The catch being, I need to feed it the information on the fly, (just as I do the HTML table).

    I'm looking for a simple, effective, embeddable spreadsheet widget, that I can populate from the database.

    Any recommendations.

    NOTE: I've Googled it, but I'm hoping for someone who's done what I'm talking about.

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    If you're familiar with JQuery,check out jqGrid ( or Flexigrid ( Both provide great flexibility to do what you want. There are others too - just check out the JQuery site (

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