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Thread: Suggestions: File Sharing System?

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    Suggestions: File Sharing System?

    Hi, can anyone recommend a free reasonably safe user-friendly solution whereby members of my site can upload files?

    I'd like members of my site to be able to contribute such things as .jpgs .pngs etc?

    Emphasis is on members uploading - without access thereafter (to prevent grief).

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    You can find a decent file upload script on most any script site or by simply searching on "file upload script". There's no particular magic required. It's a good idea to create a directory above your /htdocs to hold user-contributed files so that they're not available to others over the web via HTTP and that you carefully manage the permissions on that directory to disable execution. On the backside, you want to make sure you have good anti-virus software up and running on your own computer so that you don't get infected by anything in the uploaded files.

    The most common issue that webmasters here have faced with users uploading files is that large graphics files can take so long to upload that the scripts time out and the upload fails. There's no way around that. It's just a fact of life on a shared server. Things got better as high-speed Internet access became more common, but then it got worse when camera makers started a megapixel war and file sizes ballooned. If you need alternatives, you can offer to let users Email the files to you, or you could ask that they use one of the photo sharing sites like Flickr or Picasa. Good luck!
    Rick Trethewey

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