OK I think I might be ready for an upgrade. I have an old site that I basically wrote by hand without the help of fancy CMS software etc. So I am considereing moving a lot of my existing content to Joomla or something. But there are a number of CMS to choose from and learning each one mean a bunch of wasted time especially if I am not sure if any of them fit my needs.

Can any of the CMS do this.
Main page
--- 6 category pages

Under each category there will one to two hundred "articles". But the links to these articles MUST be pictures not text.


Currently I have these six categories broken up into a few pages. So if category 2 has 100 articles when you go to category 2 you see the first 20 articles via image links and you can scan those and then go on to page 2 of category 2 to view the next 20 articles.

Having pictures as the link is absolutely 100% required due to the nature of this section of the website. It is for identifying and if you don't know what you are trying to identify seeing its name doesn't help. For example if you have a picture of a horse and want to know what it is but have never heard of a horse you can see a picture of another horse and say : "aha that is it".