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Thread: convert phpbb 2 to 3 and is my 2 on a subdomain?

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    convert phpbb 2 to 3 and is my 2 on a subdomain?

    I would like to convert my phpbb 2 to 3 but I am a bit confused with where to install the phpbb 3 and the relative path that should exist between the two. Particularly so because I am not at all sure if my old phpbb is on a subdomain or not.
    My old version is accessible on and has been working fine for years.
    However while this should be a subdomain, i never configured it to be one ( ie use a pointing service to that subdomain) or do any changes to my htaccess file.
    there is nothing in my control panel that tells me i have a subdomain yet my forum is only accessible from

    in the phpbb configuration panel:
    i have this in my path relative to domain:" /"
    so what is my case? is it a subdomain? and if it is not why is my url like a subdomain?
    and where should i install my phpbb 3?

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    No it's not a subdomain in that case. Clean all the useless crap out of your forum. Make full database and file backups. Put your phpBB3 files in /forum3. Close your forum. Turn off the pointing. Run the converter. I've done dozens of these, PM me if you'd rather pay me to do it.
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