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Thread: Plugin problem - Multipress - anyone running it on PowWeb?

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    Plugin problem - Multipress - anyone running it on PowWeb?


    I recently bought a premium plugin called Multipress Content that pulls content and posts automatically. I have it installed and can even get it activated. The problem/wall I'm running into is when I go to set the rules in the Automatic Posting section.

    When I click the add new rule button it redirects me to a login page.

    I can see that the url is wrong when I hover over the add new rule button. It is adding my subfolder name in the url. example with my domain and subfolder edited

    When i type the correct url without the subfolder I am able to get to the new rule page and create the rule I want. It still will not run when I try to do that because this button is now adding in the extra subfolder in it as well.

    Anyone have any suggestions on what is causing this? My .htaccess? My php.ini? I have no idea and creator of plugin says this has never been mentioned to him before me. He did offer to go in and take a look but I want to figure it out without giving him access to my stuff.

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    If you paid for this, I would contact the folks you purchased it from to see if they can give you some support. That is supposed to be one of the benefits of purchasing a plugin.
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