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Thread: Downloading Backups gives 500 error

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    Angry Downloading Backups gives 500 error

    In the "Site Backups and Restore" section of ops, I'm ultimately trying to download my whole site...

    But as a test, I try to download one folder (the one I tried has 2 folders and about 30 files, none of which are more than 1 meg), and I get on a new page which is outside of ops...

    500 Error - The page you requested no longer exists or is temporarily unavailable.

    Does anyone else get this?
    I am able to download a small handful of files, but thats it.

    I asked chat and they opened a ticket, and quickly closed it with...

    Site Backup tool is not working for download large amounts of files at once, as the overhead in archiving and streaming the zip file to the browser requires a lot of overhead. An alternate option is to download smaller groups of files at once. I have tested by downloading smaller groups of files and was able to download it. Please verify this from your end.

    So is there a known limit of what you can download in the backups page?
    I think its terrible that you just cant download the whole thing. It IS a backup function after all.

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    This issue does generally happen when a large amount of data - either in files or total size - is requested. The backup script times out before it can complete the creation of the zip file. Unfortunately, the time limit can't be increased, but if you are experiencing this, re-open the ticket, detailing what you want backed-up. Support can create the appropriate zip file manually, and place it in your account for download through FTP or the File Manager.

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