Hi guys! Was not sure if this was the right thread for this question or not. But my question is:

Is there a possible way to keep track of certain section in our web directory using excel alone or do i need a add-on software to pull it off?

What I want to do is something like a directory tree that excel creates and points to and it auto updates when new folders or files are added to the directory automaticly.

Like for instance.. I would do something like:


And in that updates folder will be several other folders arranged by date.. and the files in that folder arranged by time of that day..

And then I would use excel to point to each folder.. and when new folders are added a new links to those folders are auto-maticly added to the excel file. This way I could always have a admin updates section for new ideas for admins or even new updates for members using an excel file.

Is this possible or do I need an excel add-on or excel buddy software?

I would think there would be a way to do this using the Excel Web Query Option but the problem is trying to figure it out. Also if the web Query option wouldn't work.. would an excel turned into a database work?