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Thread: SITEDELUX works sometimes

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    SITEDELUX works sometimes

    I have one hp G60-63OUS Notebook, Tosibia Satelite, E-Macchine and another built computer. I am running windows 7 on one, Vista on one and xp on the other.I have tried Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. i have even tried different versions of the browsers in case an older worked better. All of these are experiences the same problem. I am building a website on Ipage using SiteDelux tool. I can log in to everything on My Control pane at Ipage l except Site Delux. Sometimes it works perfect and others it crawls on uploading then does great and others will not load at all. When I do get in I can sometimes can edit my site and other times I can not. I am using EPB Fiber Optics and at the rate of 100mbps. I am using the router Surf N300 Belkin Router. I have connected both through wifi and ethernet cable. It worked fine when I started to build it a 3 weeks ago but now it is almost impossible to get through. I have cleared cache on all computer browsers. I have ran utility programs to repair regestry, defrag, and everything else I can think of. It just seems to work when it wants to. I have checked with support many times. They have only got it to do it once on theur end and have sent me screen shots to show it working all of the other times I call or contact online. If anyone has a clue please let me know. I can go to any other site and work or pull information at the times this isn't working so i can not think of why it is not completing. PLEASE HELP. Grandma is running low on patience.

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    Try an alternative to SiteDeluxe. The free version is limited in the number of pages you can publish and also in some of the things you can do compared to other ways of publishing on the net here at Powweb. Good ones to try (they're almost the same) are Komposer or NVU.
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