I meant to include a poll when I broached this subject quite some time ago, but forgot.

I submitted a suggestion for this and got back the usual boilerplate response that there were no plans for implementation, but it would be passed along, and they were always hoping to make their customers experience better.

Here's the gist of the suggestion:

If you happen to have multiple e-mail accounts set up, for whatever reason, it's very cumbersome to try and get a listing of the settings for each one. You have to go into each account, one at a time, and copy or print the information you want. This is very time consuming and wastes Powweb resources as well, because you are spending so much time going through all of the pages necessary to get the information.

I'm NOT a business user as someone commented in another thread; I just use individual addresses containing the name of the company I am communicating with to help cut down on spam. And YES, it does work; a company is far less likely to sell your address if they know it can be traced back to them.

The problem is that different customers would probably come up with different subsets of the settings information that they would like. So I'm proposing a simpler approach that would require the least amount of work by Powweb.

Provide ALL of the settings information (WITHOUT passwords, of course) in a simple CSV file with a header record that identifies each field.

Then users would have two choices; the more experienced ones could create their own reports from this information. The less experienced ones could simply read this CSV into their favorite spreadsheet, and throw away any columns they aren't interested in.

What do you think?