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Thread: Forward Email to a Script

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    Forward Email to a Script

    I am looking to forward email messages going to a particular address to a php script for processing.

    Similar to this...

    There is no option for setting this up in mailcentral. All forwards are only allowed to go to a valid email address. But it cannot forward to a php script.

    This is pretty important to me because I want to create a program that allows users to upload images from any device via email. SMS is the next challenge.

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    Unfortunately, that's really outside the scope of our services - not something I've ever heard anyone request before! Our mail systems and website ones are really quite separate. I can't think of a way you can do it on our systems, as I doubt a script on the web side would even be able to connect to an email box, in order to check it for messages. Sorry!

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    A script can connect with an Email system. That's why/how SquirrelMail works. It's just that the system shanimal referred to offers direct piping - a nifty feature, to be sure.

    The scripts sites have lots of examples, or you can start with the PHP IMAP Manual. You'd still have to set up a CRON job to get it to run periodically, of course, since the incoming Email won't trigger the script here. I wrote a simple mail reader script in Perl about a decade ago, intending to use it for a similar purpose. But I've never written one in PHP and I don't know how difficult it would be to parse out the attachments. I'd expect one of the scripts available online would have an example, though.
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    Here's a script written by a member, who is here no longer. It used to work here, but I don't know if it still does, with the change and all.
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