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Thread: Seeking reviews of a website of a 9/11 eyewitness and survivor.

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    Seeking reviews of a website of a 9/11 eyewitness and survivor.

    Even after ten years, I continue to share my story of 9/11 when given an opportunity. I’m creating this website myself for people who might be looking for a 9/11 eyewitness to tell his/her story (particularly among high school and college students).

    I am looking for honest, constructive comments, suggestions or corrections. My hope is that the site conveys the sincerity and integrity of my commitment to keeping the history of that day alive so please feel free to offer any of your thoughts or opinions.

    The site is not hosted by PowWeb. The reason I chose to post on here is that I'm looking for the opinions of people who don't know me and who have more knowledge than I do on web design. The site hasn't gone "live" yet. It is on a temporary URL which is

    The specific areas I'm interested in getting response about are:

    1. Your initial impression when the Home page first comes up.
    2. Does the information on the Home page interest you enough to want to know more and explore the site further?
    3. Is navigating through the website easy and understandable?
    4. Do you find any links that are not working?
    5. Is each "category" (i.e. Speaker, Author and Playwright) explained fully?
    6. Which of the above mentioned categories would you, yourself, be interested in?
    7. Your opinion on the overall design.
    8. Do you like the color scheme used and the font and font sizes?
    9. Do you find the website tasteful; given the subject matter?
    10. And, lastly, any grammar or punctuation errors?

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    Thought about going through your list one-by-one, but it doesn't work. So:

    Overall layout is nice and clean. A couple of quibbles: Traditionally, blue text indicates a link to another page/site. While your "blue" is more of a turquoise, I kept mousing over the blue text to see if it was a link. Perhaps a different color choice would be prudent. Said color will not be recommended by me .

    Three of the images on your opening page come up as blue squares. No image loads. The one to the left of the LA Times quote and the two in the row below that are the ones in question.

    Title is "Home". You and about 3 billion other home pages share that title. Change it to something more descriptive of your site so search engines (read Google) will find it. Stand out from the crowd -- you have an important story to tell!

    OK, on going through more of your pages, these "errors" keep repeating themselves. Images don't show, and turquoise links (real links) compete with the slightly different blue text in your content. Get rid of the blue text -- extremely confusing! "About" "Speaker" etc. as page titles won't cut it on search engines.

    Contact page: Personally, I leave all e-mail addresses off web pages. You're just screaming to be spammed to death. Your contact form is more than sufficient along with the link to Gig Salad.

    Overall, I like the design. Fonts are well sized for my old eyes. Other than the blue text mentioned above, font color is also nice.

    Some technical notes:
    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <html lang="en" xmlns="">
    Not sure that's a W3C compliant DTD -- seems to be a mixture of XHTML1.1 and HTML5. You may want to check on this.
    <meta name="keywords" content="Use a few keywords. " />
    Enter descriptive keywords for each page. Might help, might not.
    <meta name="description" content="Powered by BaseKit" />
    The Description META tag should be used to provide a description of the page in question, not what app was used to create the page. The Description will end up being used by search engines (Google et al) so "Powered by BaseKit" is probably not what you want showing for each of your pages.

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