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Thread: MP3 player newbie help

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    MP3 player newbie help


    this is my first post but I read all the FAQ'a carefully and still need a bit of help. I've used GNU to edit a free website template, and I am relatively good with site manipulation, but I need an audio player and for the LIFE of me I cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong in not being able to get it running!

    I am convinced it's some little obvious thing that I'm overlooking, like when you check the transmission, the ignition, the whole electrical system, and then you realize that the car isn't running because it's out of gas!

    I do audio production and am looking to expand my business. I've been doing audio in and out of radio for about 16 years. I need to get my audio samples on my site in a way that's easy to play and eases the minds of folks who don't want to click on a link. I found a player I like, and would like to use the "playlist" version of it. I have uploaded all the folder contents to my site, but now am at a standstill.

    Here is the player;

    Here is my site;

    I am banging my head on a wall 'cause I do pretty much everything myself and have been wracking my brains for weeks over this. Please advise!

    edit; I forgot to mention, I AM hosted by Powweb.
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    Then you should have tried Weebly builder it has a built in audio player

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