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Thread: Site Deluxe Not Allowing Me to Post Uploaded Pics

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    Site Deluxe Not Allowing Me to Post Uploaded Pics

    My blog, was set up using SiteDeluxe and I have not had any issues until around Christmas. Around Christmas it stopped allowing me post images I had uploaded.

    They show up in the HTML but disappear from the blog entry before I can post. I post them using the picture tool, verify in the HTML as for full size they've always shown up as tiny prior to viewing the HTML.

    Support duplicated the problem and said they would back to me but somehow the new person working on it thinks I am trying to post an image from another site and told me that SiteDeluxe was no longer supported and that I needed to rebuild the entire blog in weebly.

    If the issue can't be fixed, which if something recently created it it seems something fixable, then how do I MIGRATE to Weebly?

    Recreating the site is not an option as the blog entries need to remain archived.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    i dont think its possible to migrate the stuff from SiteDelux to Weebly. You may need to re-recreate the whole site. For blog i would suggest try using WordPress and give a link to your current blog post (for older posts)

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    I'd like to confirm what our Technical Specialists have stated, the SiteDelux builder, which is third party, has reached it's end of life (some time ago actually.) It is no longer eligible for updates and while we have put in fixes as many times as possible (to help our customers as much as we can) it is so far outdated that it is becoming incompatible with different items as technology evolves. Due to the fact that it is unsupported and will not be receiving necessary updates (the company that created it went out of business) to keep up with advancing technology, we have implemented two more advanced builders called the CM4all Website Creator and the Weebly Drag and Drop Builder. On each account we have provided the basic versions for free and when a new customer signs up they get these new builders instead of SiteDelux.
    When the new builders were implemented we opted to leave the current SiteDelux users with access to the builder, so they would have time to move things over gradually. CM4all was implemented roughly 4 years ago and the Drag and Drop Builder about 3 years ago. As we have been able to fix many issues with SiteDelux we have not pushed the subject of updating to a new builder, however as technology advances further we will eventually have to suggest all customers update.

    I apologize for any inconvenience or hardship caused by this need to update to a new builder, that was not our intention but unfortunately that is the nature of our quickly advancing technological world. We can definitely understand your concern and frustration in this and would like to offer some advice and assistance.
    After looking over your site I'd have to say that WordPress is a definite option you should consider as it will enable you to keep a backup of your entire site on your computer in case of needing to update or restore. It's important to keep in mind however, that as it is a third party application it is outside of our area of expertise and we can only provide limited help. (Installation will be easy with our installation center.)
    Weebly is a great tool and it does have a blogging feature so you could consider this one, but the basic version only has six pages available. Both Weebly and WordPress have a 'back dating" feature so you can state that a post was done in 2011, 2010, etc. and move everything over as it needs to be in the "Archive."

    If you are going to choose one of our builders, my personal preference is the Weebly Drag and Drop Builder, but our technical agents are trained in both of them. For the most part, the only thing our technical agents cannot assist with is customer scripting and coding (including the theme) inside of this builder. (As CM4all does not allow code to be pasted on the page I do not believe it would be the best fit for you.)

    The great thing about this upgrade to a new builder is that you will have a fresh new look and you will be using a tool that will be receiving regular updates and security patches. Another great thing and one that makes this easier for you, is that you already have a great deal of the content written and it can be copied and pasted over. Images will have to be downloaded and re-uploaded through the builder, but you will be able to use the gallery feature in Weebly or install one in WordPress to make things look more uniform and have a pop-up images with captions.

    You can take a look at Weebly by going to "Weebly Drag and Drop Builder" in the control panel and clicking edit. To test out WordPress you can use Simple Scripts to install a copy to a testing folder at (A lot of developers use /dev for a site that is being developed so the main site can be up and running at the same time.)

    If WordPress is your choice we do have a JumpStart Service (which is short walk through on the basics so you are able to get going) and we can look into this if that is your choice. WordPress has their own support forum that is very specific for WordPress users and it can be helpful.

    Please let me know your decision and if you need assistance with the new builders.
    Technical Support

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