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Thread: Could Google be breaking the law?

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    Question Could Google be breaking the law?

    I hope Google is breaking the law and gets put right! I speak on Googles new images search, it now allows a surfer to view in any available size ,any image they are interested in, without going onto the image owners website. I hate to think how much traffic this is going to take off me, so who does google think our websites belong or themselves?
    What to think?
    Then again, Yahoo that I keep forgetting exists seem to have gotten away with it a long time.
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    I'm pretty ignorant at times and can also be way behind the power curve WRT current technology and trends (I'm old ), but how did you determine this? (question != sarcasm , I genuinely want to know)

    I have noticed in my logs that a few images from my site are getting hit quite often. These are images that are frequently displayed for certain search terms, so even if the "q=[something]" string isn't sent with the referrer string I kinda know what's going on.

    I understand that you are making money from your art/images (at least I hope you are ) and I am not -- mine are just picture galleries or "decoration". You are definitely in a different situation than I am. I'm not too concerned with someone printing or saving an image from my site as long as it's not displayed on another site or they claim "ownership" or they are "hotlinking" it with no link back to my site.

    A few possible solutions:
    • "Watermark" all your images.
    • Keep all your website images "low resolution" so that they don't look good either at large sizes or printed.
    • While it's a bit like shutting the barn door after the cows have escaped, one can block or regulate "msnbot-media" and "Googlebot-Image" with robots.txt.
    • .htaccess may also be of help if you can identify patterns and ban access by referrer, IP, etc.

    FYI I've been getting hammered by the "msnbot-media" bot recently -- it's been sucking in every graphic/photograph/image I have, so Bing probably isn't too far behind.

    Of course, someone smarter than me will probably post a better solution.

    Good luck,
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    i tooo agree with out. it also removes related images options in current version
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