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Thread: Problem with infoboxes

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    Question Problem with infoboxes

    I very recently started using mediawiki in my server and I am still trying up things and getting used to the whole thing. Edit: I am not hosted in this server.

    So my problem is simple, I have created an infobox template that I want to use but as you can see here: the text from the fields also appears on the entry and I have not found how to avoid it. The template code for every field goes like this:

    {{{Fecha de nacimiento|}}}
    {{!}}colspan="1" style="background-color: white;"{{!}}<font color="#000000">'''Fecha de nacimiento'''</font>
    {{!}}style="background:white"{{!}}{{{Fecha de nacimiento|}}}

    I'm assuming that is just that I'm doing some stupid mistake but I am out of ideas. Also sorry if my English wasn't great.

    Thank you everyone for your time
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    Your site isn't hosted here and you should've stated that. You probably will get some helpful replies here, but due to 'server differences' (OS, file structure, whatever), they may not apply or benefit your situation. Good luck though, and your English was fine.
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