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Thread: Ops Redirecting To Powweb

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    Angry Ops Redirecting To Powweb

    Hi. I am fed up everytime I log in OPS after a few seconds the page automatically redirects to I have to click back and login again.

    Is there a way to stop this?

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    There are two areas on the OPS login page to type into, one on the upper right of the page, the other in the center of the page. I've noticed that if I am following a bookmark to OPS, say one that goes right to the MySQL section, if I submit thru the upper right area, OPS will load up in the main Control Panel, where if I submit in the center area, OPS will open up to the section that I was trying to shortcut to. So where are you submitting your login info, upper right or center, when this redirection happens? Maybe if it only happens one way, try it the other. If it happens with both ways, I can't help you bud, maybe someone else can.
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