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Thread: Optimizing Wordpress

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    Optimizing Wordpress

    Hi Folks

    Has (a) POWWEB a support page OR (b) any forum members have a cheat sheet or wiki as to how to optimize Wordpress specifically for POWWEB?

    I have a site named "" that is performing significantly slow. Had a friend copy my code to host on <<competitor>> and it just screamed in performance. Hate to leave my friends at Powweb....been here for nearly 13+ years.

    Figured there's a misconfiguration somewhere on my part that is specific to POWWEB. Looking for a bulleted list I can go through and check off what's done or now then optimize accordingly.

    Many thanks for reading and sharing your recommendations.
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    There's a worldwide attempt to hack WordPress sites going on right now. Your site may be getting hit badly causing a slowdown. This is apparently a "brute force" attack trying to break in through weak passwords. When your files were loaded onto your friends host, the hackers didn't know about the site being hosted there, hence the faster load times -- but it would only be a matter of time...

    More info:

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