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Thread: Changing old FP site here to new weebly site

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    Changing old FP site here to new weebly site

    Hi all! Long time...

    I want to start a new site using Weebly this time.

    I've done all my research here and other places so I'm good (so far) as far as the difference's etc between site builders pros and cons.

    My question is if I "enable" Weebly on my current site at powweb, will that change the formatting of my current site, or will it remain the same for now?

    And can I just add a temporarily named page for my future home page - then build off of that page other pages that will (once new site is designed) be able to switch to and delete the old pages? (Like this ><) for example


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    Your current pages shouldn't change. I've never used Weebly so I can't answer your other question although your reasoning looks sound. You may also be able create another folder under htdocs and create your new pages in it. Then once your new pages are ready, move everything to htdocs.

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