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Thread: I am still happy using FrontPage....

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    I am still happy using FrontPage....

    ....and my web host still supports FP extensions. My question is that since I don't use any of the webbot components that need extensions am I OK to keep using FP even if my host stops supporting FP? If I start to upload using FTP what do I do about all those VTI etc files that FP generates. Is FP using those files now and are they not needed if I upload using FTP. Can I delete them or do I HAVE to delete them, now or in the future?

    I know someone is going to tell me to use another program but that is not an option right now because my spouse will never want to learn another program.


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    I can't directly answer the question, but if you try a program that 'grabs' websites and then try it out in a sub-directory it may help you.

    By 'grabbing' a site made with FP you will probably not get the special files. So if it still works then you have an answer - and if it doesn't, you have an answer.

    Post the web-address and others will be able to do the task too and get an answer.
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