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Thread: Howdy from a Texas Newbie

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    Cool Howdy from a Texas Newbie

    Just landing at PowWebForums and hoping it will be a sweet and prosperous experience. That's my smile as I look forward to getting an answer to a FrontPage 2003 mystery. Actually I'm scared... all my design work looks so good... but a whole column got eaten up by the Preview monster. Help! I guess I need to go to a Front Page Forum.. I'll look around and try to find it. Thanks!

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    Hello, Welcome to the Forums here! This is a nice, quiet place to ask questions to other customers and answer any yourself. There's not a whole lot of traffic here, but you posted your Front Page question in the right forum (that's why it's named the Front Page forum..) so that's a good start. So, enjoy your stay here!
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