[B]Here's a problem that has me totally stumped. I went into my Windows Media Player and highlighted all my songs and right clicked and chose to move them to my new WD external hard drive and clicked ok. It transferred some of the songs but only about half...if that. Now when I go to Windows media player, my original list is still there, but when I click on a song I get that little symbol like an exclamation point...and as I go down the list of songs, they just keep popping up. It says it can't find the file. And it never made it to my external drive. Is there any way to restore them? I've tried restoring to an earlier date, but It said I don't have any earlier restore points. Did the computer wipe them out when I did the transfer from C: to F: (external) ??? Need help recovering if possible. Way too many to have to re-download. Thanks for any help. (Oh, I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium) 64bit if that helps. And a Western Digital Elements 2.0 external hard drive.