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Thread: Inserting multiple rows at once - Overload ?

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    Inserting multiple rows at once - Overload ?

    (I guess Powweb forums are very quiet these days)


    i am doing a new script (or sub-script), and I want to insert hundreds / thousands of records into a new table

    For now, I am scheduling this task & will only insert 2-3 records at a time as my scheduled-task allows.

    i am planning on using INSERT IGNORE - to insert records but only if not already present.

    Query: if i am doing a foreach loop - is there a maximum number of records I can insert at one time / go ? (for future reference).

    is it a good idea to only insert 5, 10, 50, 100 records at one time ? or can i actually do 500, 1000 without much trouble from the server ?

    QUERY 2: ive done a lot of research, and I cannot find an answer for this query:

    this 2nd query (above) will be much better, as i can insert NEW records without re-checking old records to see if its already existing.
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