I've got a MYSQL problem i'm trying to fix in another thread & i'm trying to debug a blank MYSQL .

does anyone know how to USE this function in a normal / propper fashion.


i've found dozens of websires that show this code, but no full tutorials / examples :-

( I'll use capitals for emphasis only)

QUESTION: what does D:T:O mean ? UNEXPLAINED.

QUESTION: Do we *ONLY* use these 3 lines in a self-contained script ? Does this log ALL future MYSQL commands ?

QUESTION :- Do we put that one line just

- immediately after we connect to MYSQL ?
- before we connect to MYSQL ?
- before our suspected error ?

None of the above queries are explained in the " (NON) tutorials" ive located

Does anyone have a proper tutorial on how / where / when to use this command ?