Hi, My name is Trent.

I'm having a problem with an annoying vertical white line appearing on the right hand side of video plug-ins on my website. Here's the story:

I put together videos using Microsoft My Photo Story.

As suggested all my images were 640 ppi x 480 ppi jpegs at 300 ppi ea.

I wrote to a .wmv files.

I converted the .wmv files to .swf files for displaying on the internet website.

The .swf files were written at 480 ppi x 360 ppi (directly proportional to the .wmv files)

I put together my internet page templates with the Table Size set by pixels rather than by percentages.

I have shims in every cell (same size as the cells) to prevent them from collapsing.

The cells the video plug-ins are inserted into are 562 px x 421 px (directly proportional to the .swf files).

The plug-ins were sized to 562 px x 421 px at time of insertion.

Page Properties Background = Back.

Table Properties Background = Black, Light border = Automatic (shows black), Dark border = Automatic (shows black)

Style/Format/Borders = Default (none) and Color = Automatic (shows black)

Style/Format/Shading Background and Foreground Colors both = Automatic (shows black)

These settings are exactly the same for Cell Properties and Plug-in Properties.

There's a white vertical line showing on the right hand side of the cell / plug-in.

I used a template I set up, so it's appearing on literally every page a video is inserted into.

Some of the pages don't have video and a jpeg still image (all setting and sizes identical to the files in question) with now white vertical line showing.

Here's an example of the files with the problems:
tchamp dock neck | A195.htm

Here's an example of a file with a still image (No vertical white line on any of these pages and everything's the same except plug-in .swf vs. inserted .jpg):
tchamp dock neck | A174.htm

And here's an example of the only page with a video plug-in that doesn't have a white line (also the only page where the sizes of the cells are different, but all of the preference settings are all the same as the video pages that DO have problems and the still image pages that don't):
tchamp dock neck |

Thank you all SO MUCH in advance for your valuable time and kind consideration.

This site is a digital portfolio that the link to it will be included in e-mails sent out as part of a National Job Search and I can't send it out with such a GLARING error rubber stamped all over it.