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Thread: Logon Password Pop up not showing

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    Logon Password Pop up not showing

    When I click on Edit with MS FP and click the little popup page does not come up asking for my logon and password. I have tried a variety of things including going into settings under security making sure FP is the listed editor and then clicking the little area to make sure....... it asks for my credentials when attempting to edit. When I click on Edit with MSFP the page comes up as though it is in the editor and does not ask for credentials and does not permit editing. Thank you in advance.

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    Unfortunately it sounds like your FrontPage extensions have corrupted. This is a common issue with Front Page and I'm sure one of the leading causes to it being deprecated by Microsoft back in 2006.
    You can attempt to reinstall the extensions, but please make sure you take a backup first.

    I would strongly recommend updating to a new builder as soon as possible. As FrontPage has not received an update in eight years now, you can imagine that it may not be as secure as it once was and there is a huge risk that any day now technology updates will surpass it to the point it will not be able to function on normal servers. If this were to occur, there is a good chance that the site will function for a while but that no changes could be made to the site.
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