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Thread: Different ways to get stats

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    Have you tried using Google Analytics? I switched years ago and couldn't tell you if AWSTATS is running on my account or not right now.
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    Different ways to get stats

    This thread is being started from this thread -

    I'm not saying the metrics script I use is any better than the service Google offers, the two that Powweb offers (choosable in OPS), or any other way, this is just to add to what may become a collection of 'different ways to get stats' thread.

    I use this script, CrazyStat -, on more than one site I am to blame for polluting the 'net.

    Note: If this becomes a 'this way is better' thread, I will close it and probably edit or delete the offending post.. Now, 'I find this way useful to me' type posts are fine, and I hope this turns into a thread that at least one person finds useful, but if anyone makes a 'comparison' post that is obviously a 'this way is better' thing, I will shake my finger at the poster..

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