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    re: frontpage 2003

    I just had a web page made for me using Front Page. My friend took all my info from my Tripod web page and put it on the new page at I need to make a few minor changes to it. I have all the web page, pages download onto my laptop. I am stuck on 1 thing. Looking at the navigation bar on the left, 3rd one down marked "Interests". I want to change the file name to "My equipment list". I have figured out how to change the display name. The page property's line reads "file:///C:/reble/interests.htm" as the location for that page on my laptop. I have changed the file name it self to "my equipment list.htm". But I can't figure out how to change the location name from "interests" to the new name in the page properties for that page in Front Page. And right now when I click the page jump I get an error message saying file can't be found.


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    Hello Steve, welcome to the forums here.

    After a few more cups of coffee, I will take a look and try to help you out, but most of what I will say will probably go over your head. Absolutely no offense . You have started this thread in the right category, so kudos to ya for that, but you should've mentioned that your site is not hosted by Powweb. I know who is hosting your site and it really doesn't matter that it's not hosted here, but you should've stated that it's not, without stating who is actually hosting it. The reasons for this is because Powweb doesn't want any of their competitor's names in this forum; and any advice, suggestions, or help you do receive here may not work, due to file structure differences and whatnot between this hosts computers and your hosts computers.

    Also, you probably noticed that your starting post did not appear right away. This has nothing to do with the hosting thing, but rather it is a 'moderation queue' that new users fall into, technically it's supposed to be the first 5 posts (10 posts if a link is in the body), and it does work 99.9% of the time.

    Welcome again. You are probably going to get a reply or three to your question, here's hope that you get your issue resolved!
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    As Frontpage 2003 is over 11yrs old it may not have been the best place to start. There are many free web creation tools out there and FP is one of the oldest still in use. It was good in it's day, but things have moved on.

    It would be better if the site could be created in something else.

    As your site is a conversion from something else, it would also be a good opportunity to improve the website and bring it up-to-date.

    (RANT *nearly* OVER)

    The pages themselves are clear and don't use any special features of FP2003 so should be easy to remake before you get too far into improving it. The HTML should be able to be copied into many of the available web-page design programs.

    I would suggest that you look at Word-press to redo your pages, if your host supports it (most do).
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    Try changing the name in Navigation View.

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