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Thread: Please give me advice on best email practice with Powweb and Gmail

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    Please give me advice on best email practice with Powweb and Gmail

    I've used Powweb for over 12 years now and I've always had mixed results with their email.

    I have several domains registered and managed through powweb. I also have a catch-all setup for all of the domains.

    The latest issues is some emails are very delayed, and some emails never get through. These are mostly issues with the catch-all address. Powweb repeatedly tells me that they either don't see a problem, or they found the problem and fixed it, but I still have problems receiving email.

    I have all my email setup to forward to my Gmail account. I use Gmail on my computer and my phone to read all of my email in one Gmail account. Then I reply in Gmail and use the "reply from" option to select the appropriate email to reply from. I've never had a problem sending email, but I always have problems receiving emails especially from the catch-all.

    Should I set up the email differently, for example should I use pop3 or something like that? Right now I simply have an email forward setup in Powweb opps that forwards to my gmail address. This has worked well in the past because Gmail automatically syncs email across all my devices making it easy for me to manage. I want to keep it easy to use like this but obviously I need something that works.

    If I can't figure this out I'm considering changing servers but I now have 10 domains registered with powweb, 6 of which I recently bought and switched over to Powweb for a cost of $200. I really don't want to spend any more money fixing this problem, and powweb support ticket has been of little help.

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    A few years ago I stopped using Powweb for my email needs, yet I still use Powweb as my web host. I use this email services' DNS servers so my email does go directly to them, yet their domain servers redirect 'web type' requests to Powweb, to a site that Powweb hosts for me. Doesn't Gmail support ones own domain? I'm pretty sure they used to, I don't know if they still do..
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    Quite a long time ago Powweb staff advised on here not to use the catch-all addresses in the way you're describing with the explanation that the catch-all was intended as a spam collector (or something similar) and not as a regular e-mail for receiving mail.

    Have you tried forwarding the catch-all to a regular account at Powweb then forwarding it to gmail? I know it sounds like you're adding one more jump (and you are) but it may be that the problem is in the catch-all forwarding to an external address. This would remove that possibility.

    I too use gmail in the way you do (except the catch-all part) and for the most part mail gets through. There is usually a few minutes delay from the request to reset a password (at an external third party website) and the e-mail arriving at gmail. Considering the jumps the mail makes around the world to get to me, I can live with that.

    I believe snowmaker is partly right - I think the ability to use your own domain for e-mail with them is restricted to a pay offering or free for educational institutions (the school I worked at uses their free educational version with a private domain name).
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