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Thread: Easily modified PHP forum

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    Easily modified PHP forum


    I am wondering if there is a forum that is in 'install central' that I can easily modify the code for login.

    IE, I have an existing login / registration area where I use MYSQLI / PHP to login. the email addresses are invite-only (no one can just randomly join & gain access).

    I am wanting to add a forum, where if a person has been added / invited to my existing database, they are :-

    a) automatically added to this new forum, or

    b) granted immediate access if they decide to join the new forum, and

    c) if they are not members of my main area, they are excluded from joining the forum.

    the login criteria is based on email address.

    (My main programming language is PHP)

    - Basically, looking for a forum where i can insert / adjust a tiny part of the forum login script and "easily" insert my own routine to reference my existing database to see if the members email address is already recorded in my existing MYSQLI table.

    - plus any documentation / examples on how to do this. (without wrecking the forum)

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    I use this forum software - FluxBB. I run my own forum, and I have used it on another site that I'm to blame for. The only modifications I have made to it are CSS based. It is open-source, and many users have written and shared mods (plugins) for it. It runs from a MySQL database, and also has it's own forum where you can get plenty of additional help if you need it.
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