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Thread: Critique for my site

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    Critique for my site

    Would really appreciate some feedback on my website guys

    It's been with Powweb for a few years now (just been using the built in file manager) but only just recently switched it over to running wordpress on here and I'm finding it a lot easier to arrange things and get a more creative layout etc. any feedback no matter how negative would be appreciated.

    Just for the record this is a website for my mastering service. Basically customers come to the site read information on the studio and service and then can make a payment through it (this is just a bit of background to put it in context)



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    I looked at your site the other day, and while I can't say much about the operation of it, I will say that I like the 'look' of it. One can do some pretty interesting things with WordPress. What I can say, however, is to get rid of the plain text email address (info@...). If a bot can read an email address in the source code of a website, that email address is bound to get spammed. This may not happen for a few days, a few months, a few years, or maybe never, but better safe than sorry! Use a service like Dynamic Drive Email Riddler- email encryption script and tool or Email Address Encoder to do this. I'm not exactly sure how to put the generated code into WordPress, but it should be possible, and not too hard at that.

    edit: it seems there is a WordPress plugin for this also - WordPress › Email Address Encoder WordPress Plugins
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    The page took rather longer to load than other things I have been looking at for the first time today - ages, in fact... you might want to put some text above the flashy-looking presentation panel for visitors to read while they wait to see what is loading, just in case they give up and close the page without ever seeing it (which I would have done had it not been for the fact I had come to critique the site) and you lose their custom.

    Putting the email address in the top bar, in addition to potentially provoking the spam problems mentioned by snowmaker also looks somewhat amateur - better to put 'E-mail Us' or something like that, I'd think...

    Other than that, it's a good site although I think you could probably grab people's attention by having a before and after sample link right there on the home page, pretty much as the first thing a potential customer sees... I'd use a 10-second 'clip'of what you had been provided with by someone and a 10-second 'clip' of the results of your efforts to improve it, for example...
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