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Thread: Old Website (Site Deluxe) needs to move..

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    Old Website (Site Deluxe) needs to move..

    Hi All!

    This is my first post in the powweb forums. I appreciate any help, as I looked through the threads and did not see the answers I was specifically looking for.

    I will soon be maintaining a church website (updating content on a weekly basis) that was built using SiteDeluxe. The website is terribly out of date, as Site Deluxe is glitchy and no longer supported by powweb. We are looking to move the website to a new builder, so that we can update the look and content.

    I am familiar enough with Wordpress (as I used the free version to maintain a blog) and Weebly looks easy enough to use, but not sure about cost.

    My questions are:

    1. What is the best/easiest way to move content from SiteDeluxe to another sitebuilder?

    2. Is there a way to move our archived audio files to a new website easily, or must we upload each file into the new website builder? (there are over 7 years worth of audio-files).

    3. Which SiteBuilder would you recommend using for a church website? We'll be needing searchable audio-files, weekly updates, a calendar, upload pictures (basic website fare).... and though it will be one person maintaining the website right now, if it is user friendly for novices- that's a bonus.

    4. Is there a FREE Site Builder that comes with our Powweb that would be easy to use? (I believe Site Deluxe was free/included with our powweb subscription). Or must I transfer over to Wordpress/Weebly and pay monthly fees for using them?

    Thank you for any help! I really appreciate it!

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    I'm no expert on Wordpress but I do know it's free and you can install it on your website from OPS. Themes may or may not be free.

    And that's about the sum-total of my Wordpress knowledge.

    Good luck,
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    The best way to move it over is to start from scratch. You may be able to re-use some of the old content, but take this time to make sure the site is really serving the church's needs in terms of both the congregation and the evangelism/mission. Ignore structure, etc. of what is there and determine how everything needs to be laid out and what information needs to be provided to meet your goals of an effective website. Once you figure out what needs to be on the site gather the information and plug it into the site (I agree with Builder that Wordpress is probably a good option for you). Some of the information you gather may come from the old site, which other information will need to be gathered fresh.

    In terms of moving the audio over, it is already on the server so you should be able to move them into the appropriate directory fairly easily using an FTP program depending on how you make the transition from the old site to the new one within your account.

    Depending on budget, you might want to outsource some or all of the build work. You can use a site like oDesk or elance to find someone. You could also find someone on Fiverr that might be able to help. I just did a quick search and came across this listing I have no personal experience, but he has a 5 star rating from 302 buyers.
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