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Thread: Please help for Replace function in MS Frontpage

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    Please help for Replace function in MS Frontpage

    I would like to edit all pages at the same time instead of making adjustment on each page in MS FrontPage, so I clicked Edit and then Replace.

    Under the Replace at "Find where" section, I can only choose either "open pages" or "current page". I cannot click "All pages".

    How can I click "All pages"?

    Thank you so much for helping me, I really appreciate your answer.

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    You're likely to not find much help on most forums for FrontPage. Partly because Microsoft discontinued supporting it in 2006 (I think?), partly because most developers long ago moved to something else, if they ever used it in the first place.

    That stated, Google is a wonderful thing. A search for "FrontPage find and replace" yielded the following:

    If that page doesn't provide the information you need, F1 should bring up FP's Help, or you can repeat the search I did.

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