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Thread: URL access phpmyadmin

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    URL access phpmyadmin

    Hello please does someone know how to connect to phpmyadmin with user account and password of an existant database without getting OPS login.

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    This is probably not what you want, and as far as I know, what you want is not possible (but you can try this link - However, if you are the owner of the account that holds this database, try this:

    Log into OPS
    In the Control Panel, click the 'MySQL Database' link/icon
    Select (click on) the database of choice, then the 'Access phpMyAdmin' link/icon
    When the phpMyAdmin window/tab opens, bookmark it or save the URL however you want, and close that tab/window
    Log out of OPS

    Now use that bookmark (which you may want to rename) when you want to go directly to phpMyAdmin for that database. The OPS login page will show, login (using the OPS credentials), and there you go.

    Don't hijack threads that are several years old. That is why this thread has been moved to the correct forum, and is its' own thread.

    edit: the link I provided (which I got from a post in the original thread you hijacked) does seem to work as you want. You might have to click the 'Databases' link on the main frame/page, and select the database that is listed, which is the one you specified on the login page.
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