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Thread: The answer to your FrontPage question

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    The answer to your FrontPage question

    Quit using FrontPage

    To expand:
    In 2006 MS stopped supporting FP. It was replaced with ExpressionsWeb (or something similar), which has since been dropped.

    This is apparently one of the last few forums with a FrontPage section, but none of the regulars here can answer your question except for what's in the first line of this post.

    Don't expect anything else.


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    Just to add...Even when FrontPage was a supported tool, it did not function the greatest. It added in all kinds of extra, unneeded code and had issues with cross browser compatibility.

    Yes, it was easy for non-technical non-coder type people to build websites, but there are much better tools available now. Yes, the horse and buggy was a good form a transportation and could be fun to ride in, but we have cars now.
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