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Thread: Problem about site I manage for a client was infected with malware!

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    Problem about site I manage for a client was infected with malware!

    Hello everyone!

    Okay, so the site I manage for a client was infected with malware the other day, and again yesterday only about 10 hours after being cleaned up (the site is exported from a CMS running elsewhere, so re-uploading wasn't a problem).

    The site runs no third-party software or any CMS at all. The only dynamic content is proprietary and quite minimal. There are no execution calls or anything simple like that that could be exploited. (This is obviously an automated attack anyway and it seems unlikely that would be exploiting proprietary web software even if it were blatantly insecure.)

    I've cleaned the site up again, but I can't tell Google it's clean again until I figure out what the problem is.

    The attack adds this sort of content to all PHP files (fairly typical stuff):

    Obviously you could easily figure out what the decode is and such, but that's hardly relevant.

    What should I do about this, and is there any reason for me to believe that this is not due to compromised security on the server?

    Thank's a lot!
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    The best indicator you have that it's not a compromised security on the server is if the forums aren't full of the 'me too' type messages, and they aren't!

    If it's not a compromised server in the general sense then it seems reasonable to assume something is amiss on your particular setup.
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    Depending on where the other site is, the CMS you are copying from, it is possible the original is infected.
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    OP make sure you use a free website malware scanner henceforth.

    Make sure you give a go. These guys really know their stuff when it comes to online security.

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