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Thread: Problem with Angelfire & FrontPage

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    Problem with Angelfire & FrontPage

    I don't know where to post this problem, but perhaps some of the old timers here can send me to the right Forum.

    I have a very old Angelfire site that I built with MS FrontPage. I want to use either FrontPage or MS Expressions Web to import that site into the program to edit it, but am having problems importing the whole site. Angelfire tech folks say it can't be done. Well, there's got to be some sort of workaround as I never say nothing can't be done! Die hard.
    Any tips appreciated. If it can't be done, I'll skin a cat to find how to do it. LOL, well not really skin a live cat.

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    The source code of each and every page can be 'decoded', even though it's not 'encoded' into anything but a regular .txt format. You could post a link to the site in question here, doing that might help others help you in different ways.
    -bruce /* somdcomputerguy */
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    Do yourself a favor and take this as an opportunity to bring your site up to date with contemporary tools. Front Page was discontinued over a decade ago. Microsoft stopped development support of Expressions tools in 2012. Relying on either one will only bring continuing problems. There are several free and low-cost visual web page editors out there that will produce better, more sustainable results. There's a free version of the Coffee Cup HTML Editor, for example. And I've heard some good things about Google Web Designer. There are many others. Search on "Expressions Web alternatives" and you'll find a lot of good options.

    No matter which tool you choose, you're liable to have to do some significant editing to every page from your site in order to extract whatever overhead Angelfire embedded in the original code. But whatever you have to do to bring the site up to modern standards will pay off handsomely in cross-device compatibility and ease of maintenance. Good luck!
    Rick Trethewey

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