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Thread: No E-Mail Access, Anymore

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    No E-Mail Access, Anymore

    While trying to setup a Contact Form for my site, I've noticed that there is a lot of conflicting information about mailservers here & none of them are working - not just for the script, but in general.

    Knowledgebase says to use either:
    pop/ OR pop/
    Yet neither works when I try to setup a mail client like Mail on my computer, nor do they work when trying to add an address to G-Mail...and definitely not for the form. [Haven't bothered to try PhpMailer yet since the basics aren't even working.]

    My Webmail appears to be in place but that service says the servers are:
    Which doesn't work anywhere!

    It's been awhile since I've added a new form to my site - been a customer here for over 10 years - so I've no idea when my mail stopped working! Please help to clear-up some of this confusion - and get my mail functioning again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LJK View Post
    ... and get my mail functioning again!
    As you've been here quite a while you'll maybe not remember that this is a customer helping customer area and not an official source of help. You may also remember that it was frequented by staff members on a regular basis who did their best to help. This is no longer the case and visits by staff members are very infrequent, although when they do visit they try to help still.

    My first suggestion is maybe a bit basic, but as you've not used the mail system for some time check that it's actually working by sending a mail to an email address hosted here and check it's arrived by using webmail. Also using webmail try sending to an external address such as a one at

    You should be able to log into webmail via OPS or directly - try both routes. Also, try setting up a new account (they're unlimited so you don't have to worry about having too many). Check the same basic operation again, sending from webmail and receiving via webmail too.

    Also, password restrictions have been introduced (admittedly a while ago) that may mean your password doesn't meet the new rules. Change passwords on an account that already exists and check operation as above.

    I've not set up a new email account recently but I do remember that the ports were 110 and 587 (I think)-- BUT... I also know they've now introduced secure email of sorts which use different ports.

    The server names look right, and theoretically all of the ones should work, and and etc....

    Finally, raise a ticket with support and hope you get a quick reply that is helpful. In the mean time keep checking here in case anyone else has any suggestions.
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