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Thread: I need review for my website am going on right way?

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    Talking I need review for my website am going on right way?

    Dear friends i want to get reviews for my blog i am new in blog writing.

    I am writing about health and beauty tips just review my blog friends i hope it will be positive.

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    Raw stats:
    148kb (not including CSS, JS, JQuery, blah, blah) of code to display:
    2.5kb of text content
    Do your own math there...

    1755 lines of code
    <body> tag (AKA start of actual content) is at line 937. Again -- do your own math.

    Yeah, it looks OK, but it's just another crappy blog about a subject that has a billion other blogs and websites spouting the same content. How do you expect to compete?

    Oh! I've also seen you post this in another forum. How many forums have you posted in today? Are you sure you're not posting just to get SEO points?
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