hopefully someone can help me out. I'm using the owl carousel on weebly. I used it in designer mode and it worked perfectly during the preview. However as soon as I went live with it it now doesn't show up on the site.

I was tinkering around a little but couldn't get it to display properly again. I believe it has something to do with the CSS but not sure what. The reason I think this is because when I remove the owl.carousel css the images end up showing just not properly in slider format.

my css and html/js code is below, the owl.carousel.js and jquery-1.9.1.min.js are uploaded and linked so that shouldn't be the issue

I'm hoping someone else has had this issue using weebly and can help out or maybe it's nothing to do with weebly and there's just something off in the code (Shouldn't be as I said worked fine before then just quit working when I went live) so hopefully anyone can help



* Core Owl Carousel CSS File

* v1.3.3


/* clearfix */

.owl-carousel .owl-wrapper:after {

content: ".";

display: block;

clear: both;

visibility: hidden;

line-height: 0;

height: 0;


/* display none until init */


display: none;

position: relative;

width: 100%;

-ms-touch-action: pan-y;


.owl-carousel .owl-wrapper{

display: none;

position: relative;

-webkit-transform: translate3d(0px, 0px, 0px);


.owl-carousel .owl-wrapper-outer{

overflow: hidden;

position: relative;

width: 100%;


.owl-carousel .owl-wrapper-outer.autoHeight{

-webkit-transition: height 500ms ease-in-out;

-moz-transition: height 500ms ease-in-out;

-ms-transition: height 500ms ease-in-out;

-o-transition: height 500ms ease-in-out;

transition: height 500ms ease-in-out;


.owl-carousel .owl-item{

float: left;


.owl-controls .owl-page,

.owl-controls .owl-buttons div{

cursor: pointer;


.owl-controls {

-webkit-user-select: none;

-khtml-user-select: none;

-moz-user-select: none;

-ms-user-select: none;

user-select: none;

-webkit-tap-highlight-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);


/* mouse grab icon */

.grabbing {

cursor:url(grabbing.png) 8 8, move;


/* fix */

.owl-carousel .owl-wrapper,

.owl-carousel .owl-item{

-webkit-backface-visibility: hidden;

-moz-backface-visibility: hidden;

-ms-backface-visibility: hidden;

-webkit-transform: translate3d(0,0,0);

-moz-transform: translate3d(0,0,0);

-ms-transform: translate3d(0,0,0);



<div id="slider">
<div id="owl-example" class="owl-carousel">
<div> < img src="http://www.cowpatti.com/files/theme/slide_014.jpg"> </div>
<div> < img src="http://www.cowpatti.com/files/theme/slide_013.jpg"> </div>
<div> < img src="http://www.cowpatti.com/files/theme/slide_012.jpg"> </div>
<div> < img src="http://www.cowpatti.com/files/theme/slide_011.jpg"> </div>
<div> < img src="http://www.cowpatti.com/files/theme/slide_010.jpg"> </div>
<div> < img src="http://www.cowpatti.com/files/theme/slide_009.jpg"> </div>
<div> < img src="http://www.cowpatti.com/files/theme/slide_008.jpg"> </div>
<div> < img src="http://www.cowpatti.com/files/theme/slide_007.jpg"> </div>
<div> < img src="http://www.cowpatti.com/files/theme/slide_006.jpg"> </div>
<div> < img src="http://www.cowpatti.com/files/theme/slide_005.jpg"> </div>
<div> < img src="http://www.cowpatti.com/files/theme/slide_004.jpg"> </div>
<div> < img src="http://www.cowpatti.com/files/theme/slide_003.jpg"> </div>
<div> < img src="http://www.cowpatti.com/files/theme/slide_002.jpg"> </div>
<div> < img src="http://www.cowpatti.com/files/theme/slide_001.jpg"> </div>

$(document).ready(function() {
autoPlay: 2000, //Set AutoPlay to 2 seconds
items : 7,
itemsDesktop : [1199,7],
itemsDesktopSmall : [979,7]