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Thread: Why are Pop messages slow to appear

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    Why are Pop messages slow to appear

    A message is sent to my Powweb email account and that account is a POP account. I have forwarded messages sent to this account to my Hotmail account also. Without exception, a new message appears in my Hotmail account long before it appears in my POP account, even if I manually initiate a send/receive messages. So the question, why do messages take so long to appear in a POP mailbox? And is there anything I can do to make them appear sooner? (Apologies for not doing enough searching to assure this question hasn't been answered before).

    I prefer my POP account because it has a reasonably long history (= MANY messages that are stored on my own machine).

    I have tried a Powweb IMAP mailbox and it is a little complicated compared to a Hotmail mailbox, but still does not seem to respond with the speed as Hotmail.

    The main question, is why does a message arrive at Powweb, then get forwarded to Hotmail mailbox, then appears in my Hotmail mailbox well before it ever shows up in my Powweb mailbox, even if I Send/Receive messages to my Powweb mailbox. This is frustrating for a few occasions, such as when you are waiting for a response for your forgotten password.

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    I have moved this thread to a more appropriate forum.

    Powweb used to use greylisting (a spam protection. see here for more - Greylisting - A weapon in the war against spam), I don't know if they still do. I do know that there is some sort of spam filter in use (which the user (you) can enable/disable). These 'spam shields' might delay an email from appearing in your inbox right away. Maybe that's the case here?
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