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Thread: Hello. CMS - same as ?

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    Hello. CMS - same as ?

    Im aware of friends / associates who have a domain name registered with - but the website isn't active (its dormant) as they dont have DNS setup to get their domain to Google.

    i've searched the KB for "CMS" and content management - & only two came up - Drupal & Joomla. (I thought there were more ?)

    Personally, I dont use CMS - i just design & FTP everything by hand... But they like the 'Google' Content Management system..

    Can anyone advise me

    a) Does powweb only have 2 CMS ? (I thought there were more ?)

    b) does anyone know the '' CMS - and do one of the powweb ones come close or similar ?

    b) can we activate / operate the CMS on an individual subdomain / directory - Or does it affect all the domain & need to change our coding etc ?


    Ive been to OPS, & it points us to which we can install various things - including CMS things (wordpress i know is popular).

    However, they all have expenses - to install - $99 etc, $200 etc- not cheap...

    is it possible to download a CMS type thing (similar to google as they know that system) without incurring costs ??

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    CMS is just "content management system" - Wordpress and Joomla are two major ones, but there are several minor ones as well. There are also custom ones and you could build one yourself. Normally when you talk about a CMS, you are dealing with a shell that is designed and then populated with a database back end. The reason that your friends/associates may like these is because they can quickly update them through some kind of back-end control panel. They can also quickly update the style without having to redo every single page. They can update the shell and the content fills in.

    In terms of PowWeb, they have a few that are quick installs, but you can always load in your own code and load in any CMS you want.
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