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Thread: Cant get computer out of safe mode

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    Cant get computer out of safe mode

    On tuesday I went to use my computer and couldnt get connected to the internet, it kept saying "diagnostics policy service is nit running". After looking through forums to try and fix this I came across one which suggested I downloaded the windows repair tool from I went to the repair tab and left it for a few hours to do the repairs. However it hasn't fixed the problem and now my computer will only boot up in safe mode. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have no idea whats going on!

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    First of all, welcome.

    We need to know a little more, such as the Operating System (OS) that you're using. I'm guessing it's a flavour of Windows, but as that has had a safe mode for over 15yrs, we need to know which version.

    Also, this is primarily a website hosts help area. Whilst people do offer help with computer related problems (hence the existence of this forum) you may be more likely to get a positive response in other forums elsewhere on the internet.
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