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Thread: Needing Critique and Analysis before hosting with PowWeb

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    Needing Critique and Analysis before hosting with PowWeb

    Hello all,

    I have been asking some questions in the "Before Signing Up" forum and talking with a couple of moderators, as well. One suggested I post in this forum regarding website also. My business website is not currently hosted on PowWeb, however, I am actively researching to see if PowWeb will work for my site. My boyfriend has used PowWeb before but for non-business purposes and I just want to make sure I make the right decision for my business needs.

    I would like to get (1) a critique of my business website and (2) get an evaluation of whether or not you see any issues when viewing my website that would cause a problem for me being hosted on PowWeb. I know outages happen, but I don't want to sign with PowWeb and then find out that due to something on my website, that it will cause me to have outages, etc. I hope I've come across clearly. My website was built and hosted by a friend of mine on his server, but I am taking over full control and I don't have a lot of knowledge in this area.

    My website is

    Thank you all for any help and recommendations you can provide!


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    Hello Melissa. I am one of the moderator's you were speaking (typing) with earlier. I have looked at a few pages of your site and I see nothing that would prevent it from working here. Powweb does have a PHP engine running, in fact my site and probably dozens and dozens and dozens of other sites use PHP.
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