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Thread: Problem getting to Site Administration

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    Cool Problem getting to Site Administration

    Hi. I've been using Frontpage a long time and use it for all of my sites. Here's the problem I'm having. I normally use Firefox so it's my default browser. So if I go into Frontpage, Tools menu and select Server and then either Administrator Home or Permissions, I get the error message "A World Wide Web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, is required to use this feature." This has always been the case, so I just usually go to IE, open it, and make it my default browser. Then I go back to Frontpage and then select it again and it works.

    Now it's not working. I'm still getting that error message. I guess it's because IE is so different now that somehow Frontpage is not seeing it. I tried it a couple of different ways, also rebooted, closed down Firefox etc. but so far nothing is working. Anyone know of a way to get around this? Or even if you can just try it on your Frontpage and if it works for you, copy the URL for the window it brings you in IE and tell me so I can try it on my IE that way.... otherwise not sure how I will be able to change passwords and things like that.

    I also have Expression Web 4 but I couldn't find anything there that said "administration" or "password" etc.

    I'm looking into switching over to Joomla but it's way behind my knowledge and I'm waiting for a friend to set up some templates for me in it to make it more user friendly for me and the other people who work on my site. Thanks for any help with this annoying problem!


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    Hi Suzanne,

    Microsoft stopped supporting Frontpage many years ago. It required extensions to connect to your account securely. No longer supported in this case means extinct. Your website/s are vulnerable to hackers so Drupal or any other popular open source program is therefore a good move. It will be most timely and convenient for you to contact PowWeb Chat Support to have the matter resolved.

    You can reach PowWeb Chat Support 24/7 from any PowWeb home page. Generally responsive and helpful here is a link to chat from this forums home page;
    Croc Hunter MSC :

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