Im thinking of getting sitelock. https://ops.powweb.com/product/sitelock/

I have only 1 Plan, but a number of domains / subdomains.

Do I need to get sitelock for each

- subdomain ?
- domain ?

or does 1 sitelock package cover my whole powweb package ?

Also, SSL:-


Ive been with powweb a number of years now, but dont have SSL.

The hosting page (above) says SSL is INCLUDED.. I'm not an e-commerce / selling website - But may have a few pages where people log-in...

a) is SSL included with existing / old powweb packages ? Or will i need to 'purchase' it ?

b) if its free, how do i know i have it activated ? how do i activate it ?

EDIT: https://ops.powweb.com/controlpanel/sslsetup.bml

I see that its free for https://USERNAME.powweb.com/

However i tried it on my domain name & it doesnt work (https:// )

Does anyone know how much it costs to add ? (I guess we need to add it for each domain / subdomain ?)