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Thread: Phising scam

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    Exclamation Phising scam

    I received an email that looked as if it came from Powweb support and wanted me to verify my details.
    Clicking on the link, sent me to a page that almost looked like my Powweb dashboard except the username was not mine and it asked for my credit card info.

    I contacted support and they are on it, but I thought I would just give you all a heads-up.

    This is what the email looked like:
    Dear PowWeb Customer

    We have noticed that some data from your account infotmation seems inaccurate

    or unverified. You have to check your information in order to continue using our

    service smoothly, please check your account information by clicking the link below.

    Check My Account
    PowWeb Team

    It was sent from and according to the guy I spoke to - that is not the correct email address...

    Kudos to Race that helped me over the phone! Confidence in Powweb maintained.


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    I have never gotten such an email, but I would think that if Powweb would send you an email for any reason about YOUR account, it would start with Dear Firstname (and probably Lastname too), instead of Dear PowWeb Customer. What you were told via that guy Race in support about the email address is correct, that is not the correct email address for Support.
    -bruce /* somdcomputerguy */
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