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Thread: Squirrelmail inbox storage

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    Question Squirrelmail inbox storage

    Can anyone help.

    I use squirrelmail as storage for emails as I use outlook also.

    I am neededing an email from 2012 in my inbox but only seems to have saved from August 2013 even though we set squirrelmail up 2010.

    Is this because it can not store so many emails or its to do with the length of time?

    Is there any way I can get emails from before my inbox has stored?

    Hope this makes sense

    It would be great for any feedback

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    Please don't hijack old threads for a new problem.....

    I think the best place to get an answer about availability of old e-mails not downloaded locally will be the official support system.

    Log into OPS and create a ticket and ask the question there.

    The email system isn't intended as a storage area so you could easily find that they have been deleted. There is a limited amount of space (250Mb) for email storage, however once that is full the system rejects messages so the fact you can't access old ones suggests that they've been deleted by the system due to age. The only way to find out for certain is to ask the official support via OPS.
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    I use Squirrelmail and was curious, so I checked my oldest email address and I still have emails dating back from 2006 (most likely the year I joined Powweb), so I don't believe the length of time is an issue.
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