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    I am running FrontPage 2002

    The SEND TO DATABASE option is greyed out

    I have done the following:
    *I am on a live web site (not a disk based site)
    *I have enabled ASP
    *I have enabled IIS
    *I have installed FP Server Extensions

    Any suggestions?

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    You're not likely to get an answer here. This category is mostly a remnant of the history of this forum. Since there are so few resources for FrontPage remaining online, we do see a trickle of users like you who need help, but there are no active FrontPage users here to help you.

    I understand how reluctant you might be to even consider trying to use a different tool for your website when it seems like it still works on your computer and you've invested years in creating your site as it is now, but you're just going to keep running into more and more problems because the FrontPage software is so outdated. There are other low-cost tools out there that will perform well for both desktop and mobile users (who make up 1/3 to 1/2 of the user traffic these days). Think about it.
    Rick Trethewey

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